Faith, Family and Country

Faith, Family and Country!

What does this even mean? Why do I say it all the time?

If I was to sum up RWB or why I even started it in the first place it would be Faith, Family and Country.

It's the 3 main principles that make up why I make music or we even step up on stage and share our story.

Faith- The fact that I figured out a long time ago, that left alone to myself I am nothing but a dirty messed up man. Yet, with Christ I am made new, and have a purpose for living. So in realizing this, I put all my faith in Christ and have positioned my life to chase after His desires for my life, and I do this through music.

Family- Next is family. Im a family man, nothing makes me happier than being with my little family, who I love and cherish. But in that comes responsibilty, contrary to what Zac Brown Band says, you can't just live on love, love doesnt keep the power on. As a matter of fact, love cost a lot. So as a man, I had to make the choice that if I was going to be the man of a house and lead a family I would have to be a Man. Strive to always be a man after God's heart, and to be the best husband and father that is like God called me to be.

Country- There's one reason I can write this blog, I can sing on a stage every night, that I have the freedom to talk about Christ, and it's because there are men and women fighting for us, so that we can keep our rights. 

It's the way you were raised, it's the summer days busting your tail, working hard outside to earn a dollar. No matter when it was, almost all of us can think back on a time as a kid, when all the stress of life didnt matter and all that mattered was being outside soaking in all this world had to offer. Thats what, even if just for an hour, we want it to feel like during a RWB show. Being proud to be an American and standing up for what this country was founded on.

Thats it, the 3 principles that make up why we do what we do.